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We have especial psychological service. Sensible people usually don't trust only their intuition in solution of serious problems. Our service helps you. The PI test estimates 25 factors of the couple's compatibility. You will find the results of express-estimation placed near the foto of each girl and get precise and detailed science prognosis of you further relations.

Anti-fraud program

Extraordinary anti-scam program keeps our clients from numerous scammers. We have computer scammers files where people are obliged to sign on nicks of scammers and information about them. Everybody understands that all scammers can easily alter their names, photos, email addresses, etc. Therefore our site does everything for secure conversation of our clients.

Online translator

Our online translator helps you to communicate even with those Russian bride who do not know any foreign language. We won't ask you to pay for translation of your letters. You can use online translator on the site for free even if you are not a paying member. This will help you to communicate freely with all Russian girs on the site, without limitation.

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The common mistakes men do when they search for a bride in Russia

1. Judge women by photos. Glamourous photos, photos as if they are from women's magazine attract their attention. It is interesting but 80 percent of letters are received by 20 percent of brides from Russia. But they are not more beautiful, they are not more interesting than others. They have just better pictures than others. Men do not pay attention to psychological test result ,to compatibility. But they will live with a woman, not with pictures. They will be unhappy if they have beautiful wife that is always makes rows or constantly nagging and does not want to sleep with them.
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Quite recently I talked to a man from Spain, he was complaining that he had got acquainted by Internet with several Russian ladies, they were completely breathtaking in their pictures, but when he came to meet them they were just average, not superordinary not like those models on the podiums.

He was walking along the streets of St-Petersburg and saw many beautiful Russian girls walking along the street, they were not in hurry, talked with their friends, lauphed a lot. Why then did he meet Russian ladies who were beautiful in the pictures, but were tired, dull, not funny? Yes, it can happen also. If a girl exausts herself with work (she has, for example, to care alone for her child or she needs to rent an apartmnet and it is very expensive in Russia ) she looks not her best, and you can't imagine how she changes after rest or after she does not need to work so hard. By accident, all the Brides from Russia that he met were hard working ones and he saw them after full working day (in one case after a night shift). And he saw in the street Russian girls who had holidays or were students and so had vacations or even does not work at all as they had boyfriends who cared for them. That's where from such a difference!

2. The second mistake the men who are looking for a Russian bride do is the result of this also. Many men look for models in appearance, they want to be an envy of all their friends. But they want to live with normal girls-warm, kind-hearted, faithful. But most girls who look like models do not want real relationship, they want just men's admiration, they want to be the center of attention. But they do not need closeness, intimacy, warmth. The second reason is that even if there is such a paragon who combines model appearance with warmth and comfort.

sexy Russian Bride

They are very rare. We have a joke about it:
Two men are sitting near a fireplace. One man says looking in the fire. I was never married in my life. - Why? - I was alwasy searching for a perfect woman for me. - And? Did not you find her? - No, I found her. But I was not a perfect man for her. It is a sad joke but I have met some men who were acting like this and I saw them on different sites for more than 10 years.

3. The next mistake is a choice! Men just can't stop (some women are into this also). The best is an enemy of good enouph.They find someone, meet, everything is all right but they continue to look and look for new women. They are poisoned by an idea that maybe somewhere there is a person with whom it is better, who is more interesting.

4. But the strategy that surpsises me most is the attitude of some men who need 10 times (or something like that) of confirmation that this particular woman wants to communicate with them. They send women a wink, receive a letter or a wink in return, then send her a postcard, receive something, then wink, wink, wink, after 6 such "signs of attention" most women begin to get tired from this and stop answering. Then they continue to send these signs to the women of his choice. But most brides from Russia are already not interested in them.

5. About 50 percent of men who register on the site prefer to sign on and then wait for Russian beautiful girls to write to them. Guess who has more letters, more choice and more chances to find their love, these 50 percent who are just sitting and waiting for their dream girl to write to them or men who are active themselves, who search themselves and who answer also women who write to them? Yes, the second group of men has much higher chances, especially if to take into account that many women do not want to be the initiators of the communication, they have traditional views on this and regard men as an active side.

6. Men register to the site, but they do not want to place any photo there or they place a photo where it is impossible to see them or they put terrible photos. Some men are under illusion that pictures do not mean anything for women. It is men who choose by pictures, but women prefer them to write clever words, write about their profession, their hobbies. Yes, it is good when you write a lot about you, but for women a lot is determined by your pictures. They do not want men to look like models (in fact, men-models will most likely frighten them away, but they want to see your smile, to see your eyes, to feel calmness and reliability that comes from you, for some it is important to see you in your home. And only then they will read about your hobbies, about your interests and what you like. They are often easy victims of scammers - scammers do not pay attention to pictures and ready to answer or write to them themselves without asking for new pictures.

7. The last common mistake is that men want to find many women to visit in Russian and only then come, but in reality women who were interested in them loose interest after some time and search for somebody else, men continue their search in the attempt to find more ladies, but again, some ladies do not want to wait for him unknown amount of time and after some time when he does not answer when he can come they stop being interested in him. It is an endless process for them

How to do it

1. Sign on to the dating site, try to put few nice photos of you (not taken byyour mobile) Read an article about pictures for Russian sites for marriage here.

2. Be initiative - show yourself as a self-confident and strong man as you surely are. Write letters. The desirable number is 50-60. It will enable you to see who you are comfortable with, who will be attracted by you. Look through your first message to Russian lady here.

sexy Russian girl

3. Speak with few Russian women you like. See if they answer to your requirement, if you are happy with them. You won't discover what to write with some of them, but you will instantly find some themes with others. Read about sympathy here.

4. Do not make the communication by letter long. Brides from Russia on the whole do not like it. They are fearful that it will lead to nothing and virtual love will never change into a true one, but they are seriously minded and desire to have a husband, not a penpal. Ask for a telephone number and make a call to her.

pretty Russian girl

5. If she has kids ask her about them, ask her about her domestic friends, about family values. Speak with her about your daughter or son. Ask important themes about family affairs, about childrenkids training.

6. When you've ultimately understand that this girl is specially for you. Don't hesitate, take a ticket and go to her country. Special meeting is more profitable as Internet letters. You will have the possibility to see her in real time, to ask her as many questions as you desire, to look at her charming eyes and adore her pleasant smile.

7. Try to prepare the next meeting as soon as possible or make agreement to marry her.

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click to see Bride profile Russia,  Yaroslavl  Daria Daria, 33 y.o. bride from Russia Yaroslavl
click to see Bride profile Russia,  Moscow  Daria Daria, 24 y.o. bride from Russia Moscow
click to see Bride profile Russia,  Krasnodar  Татьяна Татьяна, 37 y.o. bride from Russia Krasnodar
click to see Bride profile Russia,  Lyubertsy  Анастасия Анастасия, 37 y.o. bride from Russia Lyubertsy
click to see Bride profile Russia,  Moscow  Екатерина Екатерина, 22 y.o. bride from Russia Moscow
click to see Bride profile Belarus,  Mazyr  Лідзія Лідзія, 18 y.o. bride from Belarus Mazyr
click to see Bride profile Belarus,  Minsk  Aksana Aksana, 40 y.o. bride from Belarus Minsk
click to see Bride profile Russia,  Moscow  Ульяна Ульяна, 30 y.o. bride from Russia Moscow
click to see Bride profile Russia,  Moscow  Anna Anna, 34 y.o. bride from Russia Moscow
Steps towards the success of virtual acquaintance

1. Decide what marriage partner you want to find. Try to recognize distinctly what you need from your connections with a Ukrainian fiancee, your forthcoming bride. Determine the precedence and choose what is the particular standard of the election, what you are ready to concede and get compromise version. Her work position? The understanding of your language? Kids? Appearance? Something else? In what number should these qualities be present in your fiancee? Now make an attempt to look at this as a whole and suppose if there are such brides at all. Can these qualities be together in one girl? Or are they incompatible?

happy Russian couple

2. The woman also has the right to choose her man. Creat the image of "your" girl. Where and how does she live, what is her job, and what is she interested in? But the particular object is what place a man has in her fortune and what she wants from him, what are her principles of election. Are you ready to answer the essentials? A girl or a woman has her right, the same as you, to choose. What are you ready to offer to her in exchange for what you prefer to get. Many men are of the view that assisting a young lady to make a move to their country is enough to build solid links. There are Ukrainian and Russian women who will be led by this purpose, but do you desire to get such a fiancee? If you believe that you demands are unrealistic re-examine the first passage, make less firm your demands and imagine a lady with less firm demands.

3. Form the real vision of your future partner by imagination. On the dating site we communicate with implicit people, made by our vision from pictures, the profile and notes. Think of an image of a man who will be the most attractive for chosen by you a type of a young lady. What is this mental picture? Is it pleasurable and voluntary? Hard-hitting and nervous? Serious and neat? Intelligent and passionate? When you formulate your mental picture make it a person of honesty. Pictures and answers should not contradict each other and support one thought. Variation on distance more often mislead and leaves on guard than interest. Let other your qualities be seen during more intimate communication. But do not be persistant in imagining your "portrait". In spite of artistic stylization it ought reflect true and significant part of your "I". Differently, during your meeting you will both undergo interactive regret.

sexy Russian women

4. Be brave and initiative when communicating with girl. There are hundreds of profiles online - to look forward for a young lady who answers your special demands can take years. And she can fail other requirements - earnestness, honesty etc. The dating sites are refilled each second. If you like a bride from Russia deliver a postcard or write a letter or give any other sign of attention. The more ladies you honor with your attention, the more you get chances to find the woman of your wish. Be careful, communicate with her about questions that are attractive to her, ask her about her life. Ask your lady for a telephone number and communicate with her on the phone.

5. Don't miss your future happiness. How many girls, beautiful and delicate, have you met at the shop, in the streets, at friends? And have not found that only one? Have you met with no attention or rudeness? And have not you broken a wish for a lucky meeting? Why then after one unprofitable attempt of implicit acquaintance on a dating site you think this road to be doomed to defeat? The search for your second half is a important and significant work. Internet is not a lottery and not a fantasy, where dreams come true by themselves. Internet is an opportunity to extend a circle of search to the earth-size level. A lot of our clients wish to get to know with a Russian woman because they see happiness of their friends who met a wife in Russia. Ask them how serious they were in this. But what if your efforts does not lead in anything? What if girls do not answer to you or you do not like those girls who send letters to you? It expresses that you direct your charm not on the ladies you desire or you selected mistaken image. Explore this advices from beginning and rewrite your self-information. The chief aim - do not deny!

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How it works

1. Every girl that register to our dating site undergoes the human processing by manager who investigate her personal info.

2. Each day we add 70-120 fresh personal info of alone Russian and Ukrainian brides and Russian girls to our online database.

3. Every day we refuse 50-70 scammers that make an effort to register to the dating site.

4. Each hour there are nearly 500 messages from and to Russian brides introduced on the site.

5. Each hour there are nearly 200-300 messages sent.

6. Each minute there are approximately 6 video letters delivered.

7. A lot of ice-breakers are sent per month.

8. Every week there are almost 1000 winks delivered.

9. Every 7 months approximately 400-500 our clients arrive to Russia to meet their bride.

10. Each day 40-50 girls delete themselves from our online database as they met their beloved man and do not want to use our service in future.

11. Nearly every week we are givenletters of thanks from our clients who have met their future wifes or husbands through our dating agency.

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